Thursday 2 August 2018

The Chief Minister's vision for the Northern Territory - opening speech at the 2018 Australian Population Association conference

Thank you for making our 2018 APA conference a success!

We had a lot of positive comments about the conference including on Chief Minister Michael Gunner's operning speech outlining his vision for population and the Territory.

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Demograpy North


Tuesday 10 July 2018

Last chance to register for the 2018 Australian Population Association conference

Tomorrow (11 July 2018) is the last day you can register for the 2018 Australian Population Association conference in Darwin on 18-20 July. The program offers a who's who of population research in Australia and beyond including a huge range of topical sessions on:

·       Immigrant Populations in Australia

·       Indigenous Demography

·       Regional and Local Population Change

·       New Demographic Datasets

·       Marriage, Fertility and Partnering

·       Mortality, Fertility and Wellbeing

·       Topics in Chinese Demography

·       Northern Territory Demography 

·       Internal Migration

·       Subnational Population Projections

·       Households, residency and families

·       Children’s Health and Mortality

·       Using Administrative Data in Official Population Statistics

·       Workforce

·       Health and Mortality in China

·       Official Population Statistics

·       Demographic Forecasting Software

·       The demography of football and space

·       Applied Population Projections

·       Mortality and ageing

·       Population Ageing in South East Asia

The full program is available here

Why not join us in sunny Darwin by registering here   


Monday 2 April 2018

A Multicultural Northern Territory: Statistics from the 2016 Census

Andrew Taylor

Last week we gave a seminar hosted by the Northern Territory Department of Families, Office of Multicultural Affairs on results of a report detailing the growing demographic, economic and social importance of our diverse cultural backgrounds. We identified a few key points which I've summarised as:

  • Greater Darwin is now more multicultural that Australia as a whole based on the proportion of residents born overseas at 29% compared to 28% for Australia as a whole
  • In 2016 in the Territory, and for the first time, England was not the largest overseas born community in the population having been replaced by the Filipino community with around 6,000 residents in the NT

  • As well as the Filipino community, several ‘new migrant communities’ have emerged from the shift in source nations for overseas migration from being ‘European centric’ to ‘Asia centric’ and from the ‘big shift’ in the national migration intake towards skilled migration which commenced under the Howard Government during the 1990s

  • New migrant communities are sustaining population growth in the Northern Territory and north of Australia in face of low growth. They bring many social, cultural, economic and demographic benefits to our communities

  • Other prominent and growing communities include those from Indian, Nepal, China and Indonesia. New Zealand migrants continue to make up a large share of the Australian and Northern Territory permanent migrant arrivals

The seminar was part of a larger project reporting on the Multicultural make-up of the Northern Territory. The report is a series of files enabling you to access a large amount of data on key indicators about the Territory’s multicultural make-up like birthplace, ancestry and languages. Files are being progressively released on the following web page