About Us

demographyNorth is a team of researchers based at the Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University who aim to build knowledge and expertise on the relationships between the dynamic populations of remote and sparsely populated areas to economic, social and political conditions in those regions.


We are experts in analysing and understanding the causes and consequences of population change in sparsely populated areas. Their research extends across the key fields of demography, economics, epidemiology, labour studies, history and sociology.

Our research focuses on remote places in developed nations, including the Northern Territory, but their reach is global. demographyNorth researchers are in Australia, Sweden and Canada – and have research networks extending across northern Europe, North America and Australasia.
Explaining population change and its consequences, as well as anticipating future population dynamics is our core work. We collaborate with universities, government agencies, non-government agencies and research organisations from around the world to explore the big issues affecting communities, regions and their peoples. This work contributes to better informed policy and decision-making, leading to improved economic and social wellbeing.


demographyNorth researchers are recognised internationally for their work and snapshots of findings are made freely accessible through the demographyNorth site and through the Northern Institute Research Briefs paper series 


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