Monday, 14 August 2017

Birthplace diversity of the Northern Territory

Dr. Tom Wilson

The Northern Territory is an increasingly diverse jurisdiction in terms of the countries of birth of its resident population. These maps show the largest overseas-born populations by local area (SA2 area) as revealed by recently released 2016 Census data.

Map 1 shows the largest overseas-born populations by local area across the whole Territory. UK and New Zealand born form the largest overseas-born populations across much of outback NT. Map 2 zooms into the Greater Darwin area, showing that in addition to the UK-born, those from the Philippines form the largest migrant populations in many suburbs. Map 3 zooms into Alice Springs. The UK, New Zealand, India and USA are the largest overseas-born populations in individual local areas in the town.

Map 1 - Overseas born population across the whole Territory

Map 2 - Overseas born population Greater Darwin Area

Map 3 - Overseas born population Alice Springs


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