Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Mobile Workers Guide – Fly-in/Fly-out and Rotational Shift Work in Mining

Our colleagues at the Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) research network have just released this “Mobile Workers Guide – Fly-in/Fly-out and Rotational Shift Work in Mining”. The guide is based on research in the Yukon (Canada) and provides some interesting perspectives from mining companies and their workers.

Guest Post: Dr. Gertrude Saxinger

This “Mobile Workers Guide – Fly-in/Fly-out and Rotational Shift Work in Mining. Yukon Experiences” presents a wide range of insights into a work life that is characterised by mobility, living in camps and being on scheduled times away from home. In it, experienced workers — men and women alike — from a variety of professions in the exploration and mining sector provide insight for those who are new to this industry. They share stories, experiences, strategies for coping with potential difficulties and tips for how to benefit from this traveling lifestyle. The sections of the guide introduce the readers to topics, such as, coping with boom and bust cycles, specifics of mining communities, First Nation employment, women in mining, family life and private relationships, income management and career development. 
Download the full guide in PDF here!



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